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Qanali is setting out to capitalize on the European cannabis opportunity. We have selected Portugal as our market to deploy infrastructure and scale into markets across the European Union. We have brought together world class growers, Doctors and industry experts to achieve efficient low-cost production and capture market share.

During 2019, Qanali accomplished the license for grow, import and export medical cannabis. In parallel, facilities for indoor growing were developed and are operational with a capacity to produce 300kg monthly of EU GMP cannabis flowers.

While major value creation has taken place across North America with the emergence  of leading Canadian Licensed Producers and U.S. Multi-State Operators, we see Europe as being the next major growth engine of the global cannabis opportunity. With more  than double the population of North America, Europe has the potential to be a leading  global market for both medical and recreational cannabis.

We have assembled a world class team of individuals leveraging medical development relations, political relations, laboratory testing and distribution to  facilitate scale across the existing European medical cannabis market.

Vision & Mission

QANALI: To bring innovation to medical cannabis field, providing certified medical products and spread awareness of its associated benefits for the health and well-being of the community. In addition to develop innovation and unique processes in the cultivation and harvesting of plants, by developing unique genetics and process automation to increase efficiency.

The mission is to address needs that the market demands both in quality and price, create strategic alliances with customers and distributors that will generate capital and contact networks. Indoor cannabis production has high levels of demand and not all growers are capable of growing indoors due to great complexity and high quality standards. Qanali has future clients from the medical sector both inside and outside the European Union, as well as potential suppliers capable of providing high-level end products.

Furthermore, Qanali is the entry point into Europe for companies from South America and South Africa, converting non – EU GMP to EU GMP.

The global cannabis opportunity has rapidly evolved over the past 5 years with North America leading the way. With the  perceived market opportunity forecasted to be well over $100 billion globally by 2025, the EU is shaping up to be a massive  market with greater than 2X the population of North America. Medical markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic and Portugal are emerging and laying the foundation for other countries to follow suit in as to what is to be the  largest medical cannabis market in the world.

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